How to get started

Help us build your business

1847 Capital is launching a national search to buy a business its Principal can operate and build.

We are interested in businesses with the following characteristics.

An owner who is ready for immediate transition.

Looking to reduce day-to-day involvement.

They are seeking to retire or exit their business.

Wants to see their business succeed and live on.

Ideal business

Minimal customer concentration

Strong Culture and Employee Retention

No single customer accounts for >25% of revenue

Mature business, 5+ years


A stable and growing market

Fragmented industry

Limited risk of disruption


More significant than $2 million in yearly revenue

Pre-tax operating profit margin more significant than 10%

High recurring revenue

Profits of $500k – $1.5 million (including owner's salary)

Consistent growth and profitability

1847 Capital is a search fund formed to locate, acquire, and operate an existing business enterprise valued between $1.5 and $3.5 million.